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Diane L Stahl


Urban Roots

DLS Garden Designs

Diane is the founder and former owner of Urban Roots, a city garden store and landscape company specializing in small space gardening and commercial amenities. After selling the retail company, she reopened the design-build end of her company that focuses on low-water and native plant species for commercial and residential properties. Diane’s philosophy of a landscape company remains the same as her retail venture—to meet the client where they are in terms of land use priorities, horticulture interest and skill. She possesses a distinct passion for horticulture and applied gardening that is sustainable and aesthetic. 


Designing comes naturally to Diane who views the landscape as she would one of her watercolors--

"let nature dictate the space and movement of the garden; let your eye guide the focal areas, and your skill level determine the density of the garden. Along with a colorful and seasonal palette, the garden comes alive."


Diane’s love and knowledge of gardening have been apparent since her youth in Chicago, earning a horticulture certificate from the Denver Botanic Gardens and design certificate from Front Range/Colorado State University, becoming a Denver master gardener, and many hours of home gardening. Diane was a docent at the Denver Botanic Gardens and served 5 years on the board of Wild Ones Front Range – a membership and voluntary run organization that transforms gardens into native and xeric landscapes and wildlife habitats.


Before pursuing her garden passion, Diane was a successful fundraiser and business development leader for some of Denver’s high profile non-for-profit organizations, including the Denver Botanic Gardens, Downtown Denver Partnership, CBCA and Hospice of Metro Denver (The Denver Hospice). 



Monday - Saturday 8am - 6pm

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