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Collaborate, Create, Inspire

Initial discussion to understand garden priorities, style and budget. Usually 1-1½ hours

Conceptual Design 

Conceptual Design: Creative thoughts about garden uses, placement and color palette

Plant List Development: right plant -right place road map Includes plant list, photos, budget

Final Design: hand drawings with plant lists to be used as a roadmap for installation, phases and costs. Includes plant list, photos, budget

Plant Selection: Personal shopping for healthy and correct place species.


Plant Placement: Design on the spot! Place already purchased plants in landscape either with existing landscape design or in the moment.

Project Management: Lead sub-contractors to implement project.


Installation: Implement landscape plan including demo, hardscape, grading, plant planting, irrigation and clean up.

Drip Irrigation: Install backflow, and manifold box, poly pipe and drip irrigation for existing or new landscape.                                 

Maintenance: bi-weekly, monthly plant health care and water adjustments

Seasonal Clean Up: Spring and fall perennials cut back, pruning and soil amendments                 

Holiday and Coaching

Holiday Installation: Holiday décor including outdoor planters and indoor trees and décor.

Art of Watering Coach: Teach owner and/or coach staff the finesse of watering correctly.

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