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 Urban Roots​ Philosophy

Urban Roots is dedicated to sustainable design solutions for residential and commercial landscapes. Serving small urban spaces in Denver neighborhoods.

We collaborate with homeowners, HOA’s and developers to create outdoor spaces by choosing the right plants that inspire and are well-suited for our changing environment.


Urban Roots applies a wide array of proven design principles coupled with landscaping best practices and feature native and low-water plants. Using water-wise plantings contributes to water conversation while providing essential shelter and nutrition for insects, birds and wildlife.


We only use organic rich fertilizer and minimal pesticides, creating a safe environment for all living creatures--people, pets and wildlife. We recycle, reuse and compost.

We source our materials from a variety of Colorado and New Mexico vendors ensuring 

seamless and sustainable work.



Farmers Market

We are proud to begin our 4th season 

City Park Farmers Market

Colfax + Columbine - East High School


Saturday May 4 

Every other week until

Saturday October 19 

8am - 1pm


Stop by CPFM to find the healthiest native- xeric plants and chat with Diane.

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“Diane is extremely talented and a real stickler for details.

She is very passionate about her work and has a

great eye for garden design.” Erik, Cherry Hills




Monday - Friday

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